About The Wellness Center

At Facebook, the work we do has created the world’s largest social network.


We are just beginning to see how the mobility, connectivity, and intimacy of our platform can be used for improving health. The evidence of the power of peer support and genuine dialogue with care providers in helping cope with illness as well as encouraging healthy behavior is undeniable.


That’s ultimately why our Wellness Center’s next-generation care is so essential. It’s not just about the latest technologies or comprehensive programs of care. It’s about the combination of the right approach, the right tools, and the right trusted health partner.


Everything about the Wellness Center has been designed to focus on patient engagement, because in the end, health is perhaps the most social of all activities.

About Crossover Health


We have selected Crossover Health Medical Group as our partner to create a unique Wellness Center experience at Facebook. Crossover provides worksite health services to some of the most innovative companies in the world. They are helping us implement the most modern interpretation of the “medical home,” organizing care and wellness around the patient and care teams, coordinating specialist and ancillary care networks, leveraging enabling technologies, measuring and monitoring outcomes, and relentlessly focusing on care delivery and the employee experience.


Crossover is passionate about motivating people to live their healthiest possible life. They believe that wellness prevents illness, and translates into people who are fully engaged in their work, their families and friends, and their own personal vision of where they want to be. We think this approach is captured perfectly in their tagline, “Be Well. Do Good. Enjoy Life.”