Wellness Center Services

The Wellness Center offers:

Primary Care

    • Annual Physicals


      Yearly exams to ensure good health and prevent future problems
    • Same-day Prescriptions


      Onsite dispensary and partnership with same day delivery pharmacy
    • Women’s Health


      Pap smears, breast exams and family planning
    • Sick Care


      When you’re not feeling well and need to see a doctor right away
    • Dermatology

    • Minor Procedures


      Stiches, skin biopsies, joint injections, wart and cyst removals, and more
    • Transgender and Gender Nonconforming Hormone Care

    • Travel Vaccines
      and Medications


      Shots and tips before you leave the country
    • Condition-Specific Care


      Care for ongoing conditions like cholesterol, blood pressure, diabetes, asthma, and more
    • Specialist Referrals


      Coordination with your specialist for labs, screenings and updates
    • Routine Labs


      Blood work specific to your condition
    • Allergy Maintenance


      Administration of allergy maintenance immunotherapy
    • Kaiser Primary
      Medical Care


      Offer medical care for Kaiser patients

Physical Medicine

  • Physical Therapy


    Recover from an injury or improve your core stability and mobility
  • Acupuncture


    Relieve pain and receive treatment for physical, mental and emotional conditions
  • Chiropractic


    Alleviate pain and strengthen your posture


  • Mental Health Therapy


    Learn to balance life and conditions including anxiety, depression, addiction and more

  • Nutrition and
    Health Coaching


    Get tips on nutrition to your lifestyle

Vision Services

  • Optometry


    Regular exams for glasses and contacts
  • Optical Services


    Managed by VSP

Dental ServicesManaged by Onsite Dental

  • General Exam and X-Rays

  • Cleanings and Fluoride Treatment

  • Implants, Bridges, and Extractions

  • Tooth-Colored Fillings

  • Crowns and Custom Dentures

  • Cosmetic Dentistry Including Teeth Whitening

  • Dental Emergencies

  • Invisalign® Clear Braces

Crossover locations offer the same excellent level of care you’re used to and wide range of services including: preventive care, physical therapy, chiropractic care, mental health therapy, dermatology, psychiatry, prescription medications and acupuncture, with the added benefit of being closer to some of your homes. These facilities are not open to the public and will be shared with other companies in the Bay Area.

Smile! Dental coverage is easy.

These services are organized around three strategies:

Care Delivery

Care Delivery

Crossover Health takes a unique approach to care delivery. We begin with you as the center of all that we do, surrounded by a professional care team, and supported by the tools and modern technologies that allow you to fully engage and excel in your health.

Health Management

Health Management

To get a complete picture of your health, we take a comprehensive approach. We provide support not only when you visit the Wellness Center but also whenever you access care with specialists, diagnostic imaging, or other care settings.

Employee Experience

Everything from your impressions of the facility, how you’re greeted, how we communicate online, the delivery of personalized care, and the thoughtful follow-through has been carefully designed to ensure your care experience is simple and engaging.

Primary, Urgent, and Online Care

24/7 Physician On-Call Coverage

Women’s Health, Travel Medicine, and Sports Medicine

Convenient On-Site Medication Dispensing

Physical Therapy, Chiropractor and Acupuncture Services

Prevention and Screening Programs (Including Vaccinations and Travel Health)

Chronic Disease Management and Care Transition Programs

Allergy and Immunotherapy Services

Health Education, Promotion, and Lifestyle Management

Integrated Laboratory, Pharmacy, and Radiology Services

Management of Transitions of Care (Hospitalizations, ER Visits, Surgery Centers)

Medical Specialist Referrals Using Crossover’s High Performance Network

Mental Health Services

Nutrition Services